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Queen Wilhelmina

Golden Gate Park

Dedicated in 1981, Golden Gate Park received the Chinese Pavilion as a gift from San Francisco’s sister city, Taipei. The Pavilion is located at the man-made Stow Lake, which comes complete with an island and waterfall. The semi-red structure is beautifully decorated with carvings and decorative roof, offering a peaceful setting amidst the water, trees, turtles, and blue herons.

Today, the structure has seen its fair share of weddings, as the site provides an array of features that set a romantic atmosphere. Couples often take time to reflect upon their union by the small pond located on the south side of the Chinese Pavilion. The bridge located near the edge of Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake also provides a lovely setting for couples to take photographs.

When planning a wedding at the Chinese Pavilion, keep in mind that no amplified sound is allowed at the location – meaning you will most likely walk down the aisle to live musicians (such as a guitarist or harpist), or light sounds coming from a ‘boom box.’

• Location: Middle of Stow Lake
• Maximum Capacity: 50
• Ceremonies Only